About YoggieBear and what makes us different by Robert

YoggieBear History – What Makes Us Different

Company owners Robert & Sean created YoggieBear over ten years ago when NZ’s current market lacked ethically sourced products aimed at men. Today, male-focused products are abundant, but few, like YoggieBear, are still manufactured in small batches by the company owners. This approach allows us to offer our standard ranges and the ability to create custom products for individuals, whether a new fragrance or a modification of a standard item to a Vegan solution.

In 2022, we realised that Wellington lacked a grooming studio including waxing, manscaping, facials and manicures that cater specifically to males, gender diversity, and the rainbow community by male technicians. With a passion for this and the help of Sean and his input for product formulas and fragrances, Robert created YoggieBear to be precisely what Wellington has been waiting for: a safe, comfortable, and relaxing environment to have all your waxing needs taken care of, and the aftercare products to nutrify your skin long afterwards.

YoggieBear offers a secure environment and affordable and professional services by male technicians. YoggieBear specialises near the cis male end of the gender spectrum. However, we do not exclude anyone and have an extremely gender-diverse customer base.

Our point of difference is that our technicians are male.

YoggieBear offers services which include massage, waxing, body hair grooming, facial hair tinting, facial treatments, manicures and an array of beautifully handcrafted, organic skincare products and fragrances to help nourish the skin and create delightful aromas in your home. We use and recommend Theravine professional and retail for specialist services. These are all available in-store or online at YoggieBear.

Call us today (027) 315 5533 for a chat and appointment, or make an online appointment via the top menu.

Sean James 

Sean was the creative mind behind the business. He has a passion for all things fragranced and self-care and set out to create a range of nourishing skincare, beard care, and fragranced products to help others find a passion for treating themselves, too. Creating a range of products catering to men was essential, as he hoped to normalise self-care across all genders. Sean remains passionate about YoggieBear.

Robert McIlwraith-James

Robert is the leading professional waxing technician. He takes pride in looking sharp and wants to help others feel well-groomed and confident in their appearance. He noticed a significant gap in Wellington’s beauty industry, where male and non-cis individuals may feel out of place or uncomfortable in mainstream beauty salons. Robert aims to be the missing piece in that gap, catering his professional waxing and body grooming services to all body types and genders.

Our Services – For Everyone

Waxing, manscaping or shaving the body is for maintaining a sharp and confident appearance. It’s a quick and easy process that provides long-lasting convenience to your everyday life. At YoggieBear, we offer all your head-to-toe manscaping, waxing, and shaving services, specialising in providing these for genders not necessarily catered to by mainstream waxing and laser boutiques. 

We prioritise your comfort in our studio, creating a relaxing and professional environment. After an appointment with us, you’ll leave feeling well-informed on how to care for your freshly waxed or shaved skin at home. In the meantime, our Pre-Waxing Guide and Aftercare Guide are available to read through at any time. 

Check out our full range of waxing services here, our trimming and shaving services or our brow, beard and moustache tinting here and let us help you feel your best!

Our Products & Equipment 

Our waxing services are carried out using standard professional equipment and supplies. We use products from the Australian company ‘Jax Wax’ and our own ethically sourced premium organic products for pre-wax preparation and Aftercare. We maintain a professional and sanitised environment and meet all the Ministry of Health guidelines for providing personal services.

We offer waxing (and shaving) treatments, including legs, arms, hands and feet, back, chest, nose, ears, buttocks, and complete, intimate Brazilian / Brazilian waxes.  

We cater to all, regardless of gender, age, shape, ethnicity or sexuality. As Rainbow community members, we specialise in providing a secure, comfortable and professional environment and services for anyone identifying anywhere on the Gender spectrum.

Waxing has always been popular with women and is fast becoming one of the top grooming techniques for everyone else who wants to look and feel their best. 

We currently have certified male waxing technicians only (but check with us as this may change). 

Waxing is famous for very different reasons:

Professionals who want to look sharp and well-groomed wear business attire without neck, nose, ear hair and a lovely-shaped set of eyebrows.

Competitive swimmers, body builders, athletes, or cyclists want a smooth, long-lasting finish to avoid clothing or environment friction.

Entertainers, models, influencers and public figures want to look sharp to give you your best shot at presenting yourself to an audience.

Or maybe…

You want to look well groomed but, more importantly, to feel great, confident and your best. Enjoy the heightened sensitivity, pleasure, and personal preference or attraction that having a smooth body can give you.

We promise to…

Make you feel welcome and cared for

Treat you in a professional yet friendly and relaxed manner

Provide a welcoming environment for your enjoyment

Answer any questions you have before, during or after a session

Confirm your services and expectations and exceed them

Outline the session and address any concerns before the waxing begins

Ensure that the studio is clean and sanitised before your arrival

Send you on your way now smoothly with our Aftercare guide and advice specific to you

Advise on using any products you purchase from us for Aftercare

I will follow up with you a few days after the session

Talk to us if we don’t meet our promises or if our services don’t meet your expectations!

We will keep you updated about yoggiebear as services grow

Our studio

Our studio is located centrally in Wellington, and plenty of on-street parking is available. 

We have a homely and peaceful environment where our clients can relax amongst plants and artwork before or after their appointment, providing a little oasis. 

The Technical stuff:

  • NZ Phone number: +64 27 315 5533
  • NZ Email – Studio: [email protected]
  • NZ Email – Retail products: [email protected]
  • Website: www.yoggiebear.nz
  • NZ Business number: 9429041130858
  • NZ Company Number: 5026700
  • Registered Address: 196 East Street, Greytown 5712