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Our luxury moisturising Shaving Soap is perfect for gentlemen who seek the ultimate in shaving luxury, performance, comfort, and style.

Our luxury moisturising Shaving Soap is crafted in Wellington and is perfect for gentlemen seeking the ultimate in shaving luxury, performance, comfort, and style. Shaving soap is far more economical to use and lasts several months. Our shaving soaps offer great value and our 100% natural ingredients combine to provide an abundant lather and a terrific shave. You can use it with a shaving brush or just your fingertips; just make sure to lather the shaving soap well.

YoggieBear’s shaving soap is available in our elegant wooden or pottery shaving bowls, or as wrapped bowl refills or for use in your hand.

YoggieBear’s shaving soaps are created using old-school techniques and has been created specifically for for us by our expert soap crafter in the Wairarapa.

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Castor oil, Coconut oil, Corn silk, Fragrance via essential oils, Hemp oil, Rice bran oil, Salt, Sodium hydroxide, Virgin olive oil, Water

Unique for you:

***** Due to the unique grain of each piece of wood, expect slight variations in the product delivered compared to the images here. If you would like images of the actual stock available, contact us. Looking for something a little different? Almost every product is produced by us or our local trusted craftspeople so, if you'd like a unique item in a particular wood or design, or one of our skincare products tweaked with ingredients or fragrance, contact us with an idea of what you're after. we aren't called 'Unique by YoggieBear' for no reason! Typical Unique items we are asked for are…… Wood items with specific woods or a change in design to cater for physical disabilities Beard Oil or Balm with a specific fragrance Vegan formulations of our Beard or Skincare ranges Anything else, just contact us


***** Here at YoggieBear, we take sustainability seriously. Our sustainability programme includes: Only using Ingredients that are are organic from fair trade or sustainable sources Sourcing wood from NZ Native or grown stock renewable stock or that has been pre-felled or recovered Packaging in reusable and recyclable containers Accepting container returns to the shop or at markets and offer $1 per container off next purchase Asking for specifics from all suppliers on their sustainability programmes What we use and how we use items in the administration of YoggieBear


Bergamot and Lime, Unscented

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Beard Oils:

Place 2-3 drops of oil on your palm and rub palms together then massage the oil into the beard for a glossy healthy healthy-looking beard that smells great.

Beard Balms:

Using your fingernail, scrape a thumbnail size (for a full beard) amount of balm and rub between your palms to warm the balm. Massage the warm balm into the beard until evenly distributed and the beard has a healthy shine.

Moustache Waxes:

Using your thumb nail, scrape a pea size amount of wax and rub between your thumb and forefinger to warm the balm. Massage the warm wax into the moustache until evenly distributed and shape the moustache as desired.

The wax may feel gritty initially, this is normal and disappears once warmed.

Shave Oils:

Ensure the area to be shaved is warm. Place 2-3 drops of oil on your palm and rub palms together then massage the oil into the area to be shaved. Shave as normal. The oil can also be used as a lubricant under your normal shaving cream or soap.

Shaving Soaps:

Ensure the area to be shaved is warm. With your wet brush in one hand and your soap in your bowl or other hand, you’re ready to rumble. Run that brush onto the soap, finding your own rhythm—swirling it clockwise, counterclockwise, twisting and twirling, dabbing, etc.

The amount of swirling and time needed will vary depending on your brush and your soap. The goal is to get a good amount of soap into the wet bristles. This is called loading the brush. A well-loaded brush will have bristles that clump together.

Beard and Body Washes:

Splash warm water on the beard or skin to be washed. Pump once into your palm and rub palms together then apply to the beard or skin area. Massage the wash into the area to provide a luxurious lather. Rinse with warm water.


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