Here is the recommended dosage of beard oil depending on length:

  • 1 Month Growth: 3-4 drops
  • 1 – 3 Month Growth: 4-6 drops
  • 3 – 12 Month Growth: 6-10 drops
  • 12+ Month Growth: 10+ drops

Why? You see Jojoba is the closest to your natural skin oil that you can get and our beard oils are >80% Jojoba.

Even if you have naturally a bit more oily skin, Jojoba should not give you more acne or have any adverse effects.

Beard Care Doesn’t End With Oil, or you may prefer a balm. Think of beard balm as hair gel for your beard. Not only does it moisturise like oil, but with its shea butter and beeswax, it helps keep the stray hair in place.

As great as beard oil and balm may be in conditioning and moisturising your beard, it’s only the 2nd step of the 3 required steps to a healthy and great-looking beard, with the other two being washing and styling.

Now if you are wondering if those beard care steps can be skipped…they can’t (sorry!).

Sure, you could use a standard bar of soap to wash your beard, but not only will it strip out all the natural oils, but it will also likely lead to beard dandruff. So be sure that you use a top-rated beard wash or shampoo that has been designed to complement your naturally coarser beard.

Now fast forward to step three; we want to touch on styling:

Whether you use one of the best beard combs on the market or simply go with a boars hair beard brush, these tools can be used to make your beard look on-point (I’m talking Instagram-worthy here).

They not only provide better styling, but will work incredibly well with that beard oil or balm 🙂