So, you have decided to have some waxing or shaving done, Congratulations!.

It can be intimidating. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and have us clarify anything you are not sure of. Preparing your skin ensures that your session goes smoothly and without irritation.  Preparations need to be started a minimum of two weeks prior.

Let it grow!

Plan ahead and book your session a minimum of two weeks after the area was last shaved or waxed. You need to have enough hair growth for the wax to grip the hair. If your hair is too short, waxing may not work or Yoggie may postpone your session. If your hair is too long, we may need to trim it before waxing or shaving. The ideal period after last shaving or waxing is 4 to 5 weeks for most. Fine hair can be shorter, but grow it out for several weeks beforehand. 

For shaving or manscaping there are no special preparation steps require!

When to Show it off!

Your skin will react to being waxed or shaved, so expect a little redness, irritation or bruising particularly on stubborn or strong hair. Give your skin time to settle, ideally at least a week before you show off the new smooth you. If this is your first time, try waxing a few weeks before the special event – we can work with you and organise a small tidy up session a few days beforehand if required.

Be Skin aware!

We will check the area to be waxed before starting and discuss any concerns we have with you. We strongly recommend you check yourself for any redness, irritation, sunburn, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, breakouts or shaving cuts. Treat appropriately before your session to avoid us tearing your skin while being waxed. Avoid extended sun exposure for the few days prior to your session as skin becomes sensitive even if no sun burn is evident.

Feed it for 2-3 days!

Start preparing the area to be waxed or shaved 2-3 days prior to your session. Exfoliate each day in the shower to remove dry and dead skin. This also invigorates your hair follicles and lifts any trapped hair. Exfoliating reduces ingrown hairs after your waxing session. Exfoliate the area GENTLY using a loofah or washcloth and an exfoliating cream. Pressing too hard, using a heavy duty exfoliating cream or exfoliating more than once a day can irritate your skin.

After each exfoliation, apply a moisturiser to your skin. This needn’t be a name brand or expensive moisturiser, in fact, we recommend using a basic sorbolene cream available from your supermarket. This will hydrate your skin and keep it soft. 

On the day!

Fow waxing, Shaving and Massage, soak in a warm bath or take a longer shower to hydrate your skin.

Do not apply any moisturiser, deodorants, aftershave or other creams or lotions to the area being serviced as we need your skin and hair clear of anything that may prevent the wax from adhering to the hair.

Drink plenty of water as this will further assist in hydrating you and reducing the development of irritation or rash after waxing.

Do not consume Alcohol or recreation drugs (we will not wax you if you are under the influence of either of these).

If having large or multiple services or it is your first waxing or shaving, we recommend you eat a snack in the hour prior (muesli bar, chocolate or similar).

You’re a Male!

First time waxing can be painful due to the coarse nature of normal male hair. This does get easier the more you wax or shave, and the hair softens. We recommend you have something to eat in the hour prior or bring snacks with you.

You’re pain sensitive!

If you have a low pain threshold, we suggest you take a couple of Panadol before your appointment to reduce pain and inflammation. Take the Panadol about an hour before your session, so it is working when you need it. DO NOT take aspirin or ibuprofen, as these are blood-thinning agents. 

What to wear?

Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Tight or skinny clothing may make you look and feel great but think about after the session and your newly irritated skin. Trust Yoggie on this one, you’ll want soft and comfortable clothing even if going out elsewhere after your session. 

Masks are recommended but not mandatory.

Double Vaccination is mandatory – bring your pass.

What we need to know about you!

When you book a session for the first time, we’ll go over a few important things with you to make sure we understand what you want and that you understand the process. When you arrive, we will review the personal details form with you, which provides us with the contact and personal information we need, including your skin type, any skin conditions you may have, and any medications you may be taking that could become problematic if waxing is undertaken.  We retain this information so when you visit again, we only need to know about any changes in your personal details. Please refer to our Privacy and Handling of Personal Information policies should you have any concerns with our retaining this information.