Razors, Brushes and Bowls

Explore the world of traditional wet shaving with our wide selection of razors, brushes, and stands. Our collection has been carefully curated to provide you with everything you need for the ultimate grooming experience. We offer finely crafted Safety Razors with handles made from NZ wood.

But that’s not all – we also carry moisturising shave soaps expertly formulated to produce a rich lather and exceptional hydration. When paired with our premium boar or badger bristle shave brush, you’ll enjoy a luxurious lather that lifts and softens even the toughest stubble, ensuring a close and comfortable shave with each stroke. Alternatively, you can opt for a straightforward shave oil if you prefer.

To complete your shaving setup, we provide sleek stands designed to elegantly display your razor and brush, adding a touch of sophistication to your grooming routine.

Whether you’re an experienced wet shaving enthusiast or new to the practice, our shaving tools are your gateway to grooming excellence. Say goodbye to disposable razors and welcome the timeless tradition of wet shaving – your skin will thank you.

We can customise these items to meet your specific needs, such as creating larger grips or specific handle shapes to accommodate physical disabilities or preferences.

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