Yoggies Beard & Body Gift Boxes

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A Beard and Skincare gift box with all our favourite beard and skin care products for your man:

Available in:

  • Sumatran Black – the fragrance of Cedarwood, Frankincense and Fir Needle for that comforting warm homely feel.
  • Tibetan Blue – the fragrance of Orange, Clove, Juniper and Sandalwood creates a warm and nourishing oil with an underlying tropical note.
  • Polar Ice – the fragrance of Sage and Eucalyptus for a bracing outdoorsy feel.

Or, make this your own by selecting whatever products you want from our range. The gift box will be priced at the retail value less 25%, just contact us to confirm what you’d like and that we have it in stock.

Each gift box is a sturdy glossy white presentation box with magnetic close. The Illustrated Gift Box contains:

  • 1 x Beard & Moustache Shampoo
  • 1 x Shave Oil
  • 1 x Beard Oil
  • 1 x Hair and Beard Balm
  • 1 x Moustache Wax
  • 1 x Bay Rim cologne
  • 1 x Deodorant
  • 1 x Tattoo / Skin balm
  • 1 x Rejuvenating Facial Serum
  • 1 x Bergamot & Lime Shaving Soap
  • 1 x Kawakawa and Rosemary Balm
  • 1 x Emu Oil
  • 1 x Gift card


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Polar Ice, Sumatran Black, Tibetan Blue

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Safety Razor and Shaving Brush Usage and Maintenance

Face stubble generally grows in a downwards direction, however, areas like the neck and chin can sometimes grow sideways, or even in spiral patterns. Before shaving, take a moment to understand the direction of your own hair growth patterns.

Apply a quality shaving oil, cream or soap. Shaving creams, oils or soaps play an important role in helping the razor glide across the skin, as well as helping to soften the stubble for a smoother shave. Having a good quality lather or a light shave oil means a more comfortable shave with less irritation and redness.

Safety Razor Instructions:

Hold the Razor horizontally against your skin initially and increase the angle till you feel the blade cutting the hair. This angle will increase as the blade wears. As their name implies, safety razors have a built-in safety mechanism to avoid accidental nicks and cuts. That is, the razor head protrudes out past the blade’s edge, preventing the blade from making direct contact with the skin.

When the razor is held at about a 30° angle to the skin, this protective bar is angled out of the way, exposing the blade to the stubble and allowing the razor to work effectively. Much of the learning curve when learning to use a safety razor is in getting used to keeping the razor at the correct angle while shaving.

Rather than long, sweeping strokes of the razor, it’s best to use short strokes of around 1-3cm in length. Doing so will help to prevent nicks and cuts, while also preventing tugging of the hairs and clogging of the razor.

Safety razor blades are very sharp, and don’t require effort or force on your part to easily slice through stubble. When using a safety razor, it’s important to let the weight of the razor do most of the work, and only using gentle pressure to keep the razor head against the skin.

Shaving against the grain, or against the direction of hair growth is one of the leading causes of irritation from shaving. Shaving with the direction of hair growth greatly reduces the chances of irritation while still providing a close shave.

After shaving with the direction of hair growth, some people like to complete a second pass for an even closer shave. This second pass should be across the direction of hair growth, and a fresh layer of lather should be applied.

After rinsing the face clean of shaving lather, pat dry with a towel. You can either finish here or apply our Bay Rum Cologne to soothe and moisturise the skin.

It may take a few shaves before you’re comfortable shaving with your safety razor, so be patient, and you’ll be rewarded with great shaves for years to come.

Safety Razor Maintenance:

One of the benefits of double edge safety razors is that there are two sides to the razor. That means you can use your razor in two separate ways. 1) Less frequent rinsing under the tap while shaving, as you can simply flip the razor over and continue with a fresh blade or 2) Use the same side consistently till it is blunt then start using the second side.

If you want your razor to last, you need to take care of it. The basic steps are:

  • Rinse the razor after the shave with warm water and shake off any excess water.
  • Place the razor used side down or on a shave stand  so water drops down and does not stay in the razor head.
  • Keep on the counter, not in a cupboard, so the razor can “breathe.” 

Shaving Brush Instructions:

The first step to a great shave of course, is to make sure your skin is clean and moist via hot water. Clean skin means no infections, and hot, moist skin means softer dermis and open pores. From there, here’s what you need to do:

  • Wet the shaving brush with warm water and shake off any excess water.
  • Apply our Shave Oil or a little Shave Soap… you don’t need much.
  • Lather the soap or, if using oil, apply it on your face using a circular motion with the brush. 
  • Shave using a clean razor going with the grain. Finish by rinsing your face with warm water to remove excess oil or soap then cold water to close those pores and apply our Bay Rum Cologne liberally to heal and soothe.

Shaving Brush Maintenance:

If you want your brush to stay high quality and look good, you need to take care of it. The basic steps are:

  • Rinse the brush after the shave with warm water and “flick” brush hairs to shake off any excess water.
  • Place the brush face down (or hair down) on a shave stand (our brush includes one free) so water drops down and not into the brush.
  • Keep on the counter, not in a cupboard, so the brush can “breathe.” 
  • Don’t pull or tug the hair as that will weaken the hair knot and the brush will shed more. Remember, brushes do shed a bit early on.

Beard Oils:

Place 2-3 drops of oil on your palm and rub palms together then massage the oil into the beard for a glossy healthy healthy-looking beard that smells great.

Beard Balms:

Using your fingernail, scrape a thumbnail size (for a full beard) amount of balm and rub between your palms to warm the balm. Massage the warm balm into the beard until evenly distributed and the beard has a healthy shine.

Moustache Waxes:

Using your thumb nail, scrape a pea size amount of wax and rub between your thumb and forefinger to warm the balm. Massage the warm wax into the moustache until evenly distributed and shape the moustache as desired.

The wax may feel gritty initially, this is normal and disappears once warmed.

Shave Oils:

Ensure the area to be shaved is warm. Place 2-3 drops of oil on your palm and rub palms together then massage the oil into the area to be shaved. Shave as normal. The oil can also be used as a lubricant under your normal shaving cream or soap.

Beard and Body Washes:

Splash warm water on the beard or skin to be washed. Pump once into your palm and rub palms together then apply to the beard or skin area. Massage the wash into the area to provide a luxurious lather. Rinse with warm water.


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Looking for something a little different? Almost every product is produced by us or our local trusted craftspeople so, if you’d like a unique item in a particular wood or design, or one of our skincare products tweaked with ingredients or fragrance, contact us with an idea of what you’re after. we aren’t called ‘Unique by YoggieBear’ for no reason! Typical Unique items we are asked for are……

    • Pens with a particular wood and upgraded ink delivery systems
    • Pens with premium wood and/or resin for corporate or very special gifting
    • Seam rippers, Crochet hooks and other items with grips suitable for people affected by arthritis or carpel tunnel
    • Beard Oil or Balm with a specific fragrance
    • Vegan formulations of our Beard or Skincare ranges
    • Tablet or Phone pillows in a specific fabric or theme
    • Anything else, just contact us

Due to the unique grain of each piece of wood, expect slight variations in the product delivered compared to the images here. If you would like images of the actual stock available, contact us.

Here at YoggieBear, we take sustainability seriously. Our sustainability programme includes:

  • Ingredients are organic from fair trade and sustainable sources
  • Wood is sourced from NZ Native or grown stock renewable stock or that has been pre-felled or recovered
  • Packaging in reusable and recyclable containers
  • Yes, we accept container returns to the shop or at markets and offer $1 per container off next purchase
  • Asking for specifics from all suppliers on their sustainability programmes
  • What we use and how we use items in the administration of YoggieBear